What is Eusd Foundation

EUSD Foundation is a stable platform for online miners.

Our online mining platform is launching its own dapp offer where you can stake your EUSD tokens and get a daily profit of 9% from your investment funds and 12% if you invite a new member through your referral link.

There is also a free airdrop going on right now where you can get free 200 EUSD tokens by paying a small metamask or trust wallet fee and 100% tokens EUSD from your airdrop referrals. You can explore the entire ecosystem of the project on the official page of the site. Click the button (www) to go to the official website of the project EUSD Foundation.

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Pre-Sale Oders


Claim Airdrop

Add Token to Wallet

(*) Rate Sale: 0.01 BNB = 2,000 EUSD

(*) Minium buy 0.01 BNB - 10 BNB

(*) Your friends who buy through your link receive 100% commission.

Invite By


Referral to your friends

Get Referral Link

(*) Referral friend claim 100% EUSD

(*) You receive 200 EUSD

(*) Referral no limit bonus.


EUSD Foundation Global
Development Plan

With the help of our team, we are working hard to fully complete the roadmap and become a stable ecosystem.


Dapp EUSD Foundation
Online Mining Offer

Once you enter our ecosystem, you can invest EUSD tokens and receive a daily 9% percent of your investment and 12% referral reward.
Anyone with a smartphone and an internet connection
can participate in global online mining.

  • Daily 9% of your investment in EUSD tokens.
  • 12% referral bonuses from your referrals.
    You can get BNB coin or EUSD token.
  • Convenient dapp offer miner.
  • Verified official smart contract audit. Network
  • Instant withdrawal of EUSD token or BNB coin. fees